Shower Screens

Custom Made Glass Shower Screens

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, a quality glass shower screen is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. For smaller areas that require the shower area separated, the shower screen achieves this while maintaining a sense of openness and airiness because of the glass. Larger bathrooms also benefit from glass shower screens by way of better division and utilisation of space. Our glass shower screens are custom made to any dimensions. We currently offer the following options:

  • Fully framed - pivot door, aluminium fully framed shower screen with 5mm clear toughened glass
  • Semi framed - pivot door, aluminium semi-framed shower screen with 5mm clear toughened glass - vertical edge of door and fixed panel has polished edges
  • Semi-frameless - perimeter frame only with frameless glass door and 6mm clear toughened glass
  • Sliding shower screen - fully framed 2 door or 3 door sliding glass shower screens with 5mm clear toughened glass
  • Bath panels  - either fixed and hinged bath panels – 6mm clear toughened glass – semi-frameless OR fixed panels

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